Post #9: 2D & The Business of Animation

A lot of people around me have been talking about how much of a shame it is that Disney no longer has a 2D department, and that children are going to be missing out. What most people seem to forget, is that at the end of the day, Disney is a business. Disney had to get rid of their 2D department for economical reasons.  One article summed it up well; Princess and the Frog grossed $300 million globally while Tangled grossed twice that amount. When you view it from the corporate viewpoint instead of say, the animators, it’s pretty easy to see why Disney would decide to go with CGI and 3D. One spokesperson summed up all of the layoffs as: “part of an ongoing review to ensure that the Studios’ operational structure and economics align with the demands of the current marketplace”. Even the polite media answer points to economical reasons as being a major reason for the shift to 3D. Disney’s studios are not in the art business.



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