Post #1: Animation Can Be Any Genre

When most people hear the term ‘animations’ they usually start limiting themselves to certain genres, specifically ones targeting children. However, animations are not limited to only a few genres; rather they are capable of crossing over into any genre. A great example of this is the animated short from StoryCorps “Danny and Annie”.


StoryCorps is a project to record oral histories from real people of all backgrounds. In their first interview, Danny and Annie Perasa tell the story of how they first met and their marriage. A few years later they did a second recording after finding out that Danny Perasa was diagnosed with cancer. An animation was created to go along with the original recordings so that they would be telling their own story. By creating an animation to go along with the audio, their story is greatly enhanced, capable of being shared with more people and now visually appealing instead of simply being auditory. Just like in some of the opening scenes in the film “UP”, we see their lives after “happily ever after”. StoryCorps’ oral histories show how animation can be used for nonfiction stories but they are not alone; a session named “What’s up Documentary? Animation and Non-Ficiton Film-making” in 2009 also discussed the topic.